Titans are seen to be basically 'Gods' in Heroes' Legacy. There is an old Titan ruin inside the Stonecliffe Caverns. The player can also gain access by going through the portal in the upper areas of the Mage Tower.

"Titans" usually refer to the Asgaardians - Ӕsir & Vanir (based off Norse Mythology) - who are known as the creators of the world Zenerith and all the races who inhabit it - of which Heroes' Legacy takes place.


  • Vorlias
  • Aedamis
  • Ar'Khadeon
  • Az'urek

"Dark Titans" usually refer to the Dᴁvir, the dark gods.



  • Titans appear in the World of Warcraft lore as Gods as well.
  • Behind the currently only Titan ruin (Tyaardos) is a boss that's non-functional.