Stonecliffe Underground

The entrance to the Stonecliffe Underground can be located to the right of the Stonecliffe Church (when facing the entrance). In the entrance area, you can see the Rogue instructor, Wizimik Fumblezee as well as a few Dummys. Continuing farther into the Underground will lead you to the sewer (Read Below for more sewer information).


- Wizimik Fumblezee

How To Get Their

Can't find your way here? Take a look at the two images below as they both assist in finding this location!

Outside View Map View

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Click the map to enlarge it! The circled area is the location.

The Sewer

While seemingly insignificant, the sewer does lead to an interesting location. The sewer is fairly straight-forward, but if you go to slow you risk running out of fatigue and drowning in the water. It takes about 12 seconds to get through the sewer and and the end you will see a portal called "???".

An Image of the Stonecliffe Sewer The Mysterious Portal

The sewer. Click the image to enlarge!


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Through The Portal

To enter the portal you must click on it when standing next to it. After doing so, you will appear in a dark chamber full of lava. Walking off the path will result in death so it is advised to keep to the path and head toward the next portal.

'The Mysterious Lava Chamber 'and the Next Portal

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The Next Area

Going through that portal will lead you to the Ice Chasm in the Snowlands. You will appear in a cave, and upon walking out you will discover that you are now in the Ice Chasm.

The Ice Chasm Cave

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