Southern Forest

The Southern Forest is located in the Southern Lands in Zenerith. The Southern Forest is inhabited by both Bandits, Wisps, and a Bandit Captain.

The Forest is in a way split in two sections. The section closer to Stonecliffe is inhabited by Bandits which are Level 2. Down the hill, further into the forest, the Bandit Captain can be found by his tent at Level 4.

From the tent, take a left toward the pathway. You will see that the forest continues on a bit farther. In the section of the forest that is on that side of the path, you will find Level 4 Wisps.

Recommended levels 1-5.

If you continue forward past the Bandit Captain, you will spot a second tent and see Lieutenant Maxwell standing by it.

To the left of Lieutenant Maxwell's tent you will see the graveyard. You will revive here if you happen to die in the area.