Please read the rules before posting or editing any content.

General Rules

  • Do not add any racial or hate comments towards anyone.
  • Do not flame on the wikia about utterless nonsense that is not related to the game.
  • Do not spread rumors on the wiki pages unless it has been confirmed.
  • Don't vandalize any page, if you do, you will be prohibited to edit any page.
  • Do not spam anywhere on the wikia.
  • Do not advertise on the wikia.
  • You're not allowed to post any inappropriate pictures, text, or videos anywhere.
  • Do not aggravate any admin.
  • The Wikia Terms of Use apply.
  • You may use minor profanity as long as it's not excessive.

Page Rules

  • All rules from the General Rules apply to these rules as well.
  • Do not create a page that's already existent, please check before creating,
  • Whenever editing please make sure to use the same format as the rest of the pages.
  • Do not put false information on any page.
  • Do not use any biased text, opinions, etc. keep the wikia informational.
  • Do not make pointless edits to increase your edit count.
  • Undo any type of vandalism you see on this wikia.
  • If you see a false wikia page or any clone of other pages, please tell an admin.
  • If a page is marked for deletion, do not remove the tag unless an admin does so.
  • When you're deleting text make sure you read over it to see if it's correct or will help with the page whatsoever.
  • Do not use profanity in any page whatsoever.
  • When editing pages, please right in third-person/expository.
  • Try not to make pages concern anyone or yourself.
  • Remember to use proper grammar, you're able to use any type of grammar you'd like on any other place but pages. Slang is prohibited on pages, if you are to spot a grammatical mistake make sure to correct it properly.

Forum Rules

  • Do not change the topic of a thread. Keep to that topic.
  • Do not make a page for your suggestions, there's already a forum for that.
  • Never post on an old thread unless it's important.
  • Do not flame on Forums unless it's a proper debate that in which does not offend anyone whatsoever. Keep it civil. If it gets out of hand or too long an admin is forced to step in.
  • Admins are not here to take care of you.
  • Rules from the General Rules apply.
  • Do not troll any thread.

Administrative Rules

  • Do not block anyone due to their race, age, religion, etc.
  • You're not allowed to use you administrative powers to ruin any page or the wikia.
  • If you're to spot any bullying or hate comments please delete them and give the person a warning.
  • If you see a vandal please block them from the wikia.
  • Do not be biased in any case at all.
  • Do not block people randomly.
  • Debates are allowed as long as they're civilized and are not out of hand (i.e. cursing at each other, calling names) and are on-topic, if they do get too long then you're to stop it by disabling the thread.
  • Do not jump to any conclusions at all.

Chat Rules

  • General Rules apply.
  • Do not aggravate the chat moderators.
  • Do not spam inside the chat.
  • Any language is allowed.
  • Do not bully or harass.
  • You may use minor profanity as long as it's not excessive.


Once you have read all of this, you may return to the Heroes' Legacy Wiki.