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Heroes' Legacy

Heroes' Legacy is a MMORPG in development on Roblox by Studio Aurora, and the creator of the Legacy franchise, Vorlias. The game is in mid-development and is planned to be fully released sometime in late 2016. Until then, only users who have purchased the Alpha game pass to Legacy RPG or users who join the Heroes Legacy Fan Groupwill be able to access the game. Updates and Bug Fixes are becoming more frequent as the release date of Heroes Legacy approaches. You can check the changelog or the Discord group for updates! 


  • Character CustomizationHeroes Legacy offers a new outlook on character customization. You have the ability to edit characters to your style. Furthermore, both Race and Class can be edited, along with names, and fully functioning character randomizer for those who just want to jump in right away! The character customization also lets you to pick your hairstyle, hair color, skin color, face, scars, and racial customization like tusks.
  • Stonecliffe - Currently the only region in Heroes' Legacy, Stonecliffe is fully sculpted with beautiful graphics. Stonecliffe is also lively and full of people to interact with and get quests from. Enemies fill the world up as well keeping Stonecliffe full of action. Stonecliffe is large explorable region with a town, caverns, forests, ships, and rivers making the landscape come to life.
  • Races - A diverse set of races available for players to choose from. Each race has it's own unique backstory and each offers different bonuses. Users are free to choose from 6 races, and are able to purchase an additional 2. Neko and Seal.


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Heroes Legacy Staff & Content Creation Team

The Heroes Legacy Creation Team made Heroes Legacy what it is today and is always striving to improve the user experience. If you have any questions or comments about the game please private message Vorlias or IceTauros on ROBLOX. Clicking the link above will give you the full list of staff and contributors of Heroes Legacy.

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